During the summer I was lucky enough to see one of my favourite singers Serena Ryder at the Blues Festival I went just to see her. I wasn't there for eons before that when my mother used to drag me along when I was 10,

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Petals & strokes

I love having flowers in the house because they add a little warmth, and colour to a home, the only sad thing is they only stay around for a few weeks. So I would save petals and let them dry out I really didn't know what I was going to do with them, until one day I saw the patterns and shapes the fallen petals would make and I really liked it.

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The First Snow Fall

Today I woke up to a foot of snow it is not a huge surprise that it is November but for some reason the first snowfall is always exciting, also makes the Christmas season feel more festive

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A little bit rosie

This is my very first beauty post on the blog, and possibly my only one, or at least I'm not going to do them all the time, anyway when I buy beauty products most of the time my money goes to skin care, 

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