I mentioned two posts ago that I have been taking pottery classes they’re going great, although I wish I was advancing more, so far I’ve created about six small blows two hanging planters and one hand  made mug.

The hanging planters I made are for my air plants so they can hang pretty in the sunlight and keep them away from the plant eating cat, also the hand built mug that is to big to drink out of will make a great home for my rubber plant, or maybe paint brushes, I haven't decided yet.

So far I have been working on pulling to make some taller pieces it is a tricky process, the clay can't be too dry or to wet it has to be perfectly centered on the wheel otherwise you will end up with something topsy turvy, at the same time I have some ideas for hand built stuff that I will share with you guys later - in the meantime here is my current pieces. I made will make an another good home for my rubber plant, or paint brushes since it is to big to drink out of.