A little bit rosie


This is my very first beauty post on the blog, and possibly my only one, or at least I'm not going to do them all the time, anyway when I buy beauty products most of the time my money goes to skin care, and I'm really keen beauty products made with rose, I love anything with rose. I don't know why but I've always loved floral scents, some of them I would only buy once like kocostar rose petal mask.  Herbivore coco rose body scrub is wonderful and a treat  not necessarily a must, likewise with the lush bath bomb. The ones I cannot live without are the Burts Bees rose toner and pixi facial oil it also works well with my colour correction kit, and I cannot forget fresh rose lip balm and French girl cosmetics, they make a great pair fixing dry lips especially in the winter.

  1.  coco rose body scrub   
  2.  kocostar rose mask
  3.  sugar rose lip treatment
  4. mario badescu rose spray 
  5. burts bees rose toner
  6. french girl organics
  7.  Pixi skin treats rose oil