During the summer I was lucky enough to see one of my favourite singers Serena Ryder at the Blues Festival I went just to see her. I wasn't there for eons before that when my mother used to drag me along when I was 10, I also really excited because it was my first concert in a while, it was pretty cool, it wasn't like when I was they certainly didn't have pretzels and lattes that then.

Seeing Serena Ryder It got me thinking We have so many talented musicians in Canada which is why I wanted to create a playlist of just Canadian artists, that I really loveand want to share with you.

  1.  Got your Number - Serena Ryder
  2. Lost boy - Ruth B
  3. Gimme Sympathy (Acoustic)  - Metric ( saw them this summer too )
  4.  Honey Honey - Feist
  5. Wake up - Arcade Fire
  6.  Hallways - Islands
  7. Sptits - The Strumbellas
  8. Let The Night Fall - Dragonette
  9.  Coming up for air - The darcys 
  10.  Big Boy -  Charlotte Cardin
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