Health & Wellness


The last couple years has been rough regarding my health, about four years ago I had been diagnosed with a genetic disorder I never knew I had called NF 1 that causes little tumors to grow on my nerves despite their tiny size they can be painful, because of the pain I didn't feel like moving which actually made me hurt and then made me gain weight, which also makes me hurt more, it's all a viscous cycle.  NF1 is more than just tumours, it's also neurologicalI have always had with which always have a huge impact on my I want to be healthy but before that I need to find a new routine, and a better sleeping habits no more staying up until 4 am, go for more walks on a daily basics and then eventually start going to the gym, and maybe a yoga class, I know it is not going to be easy,  also my eating I tend to eat way less than I should and what I've learnt is that you need to eat a Decent amount of food to even have the fuel to lose weight, one of my biggest problems is that I have a rather big cravings for sugar and I know that isn't helpful at all when it comes to loosening weight. I more than losing weight I just really want to feel better, and be happy with myself. i'm an introvert and tend to be a self doubter, my anxiety also doesn't let me leave the house I'm afraid of being judged or laughed at. As you can imagine I missed out on few things that I wanted to do because of that. Though throughout 2016 I did a little bit of that, but for 2017 I want to do more, I want to do more try new things and possibly meet new people.