I'm starting a new series here on the blog, where I share links of things I like from around the internet, topics I will share are topics that are of interest to me which are art and design, food, fashion, and oddities. I will try to keep the posts on a weekly basis check backed up the start of the week.


  1.   I  these  are beautiful 3-D printed household objects
  2.  I love these paintings by the Spanish artist Estefania Urrutia  
  3.  I want all of these clothes by South African fashion designer Margot Molyneux
  4. I must have this shirt
  5. It is really hard to find nice mouse pads these days
  6. Claude Monet always be one my favourite artists
  7. Objects i cant afford blog has lovely things 
  8. This is such a beautiful planter, to bad its a little out of my price range    
  9. I want these adorable and these Japanese candles
  10.  If you play the beautifully designed  game monument valley, your in luck, there is now Monument valley two.